Iron Men

Why Iron Men?

Our God’s love is renewed every morning.  Iron Men Ministry is in that exhilarating season of renewal, watching God bring us together once again, fresh and anew to do HIS good will. Join us as we stand and pray, hands upon shoulders, ministering to the Father’s sons. This new season of Iron Men ministries is devoted to being used by God to usher in his lost and prodigal sons. Our Father will lead us, His sons into the relationship He has always desired. We are sons of the King, dwelling in the heavenly realms, joint heirs with Christ, priests standing in the gap with arms open wide and hands lifted high.

Reunite Iron Men, and invite the Holy Spirt to kindle His fire deep down in your souls, let us once again walk arm in arm in the good will of our Father, for His glory. We are His hands and feet, and they will, know Him by our love. Remember the great things the Lord has done. Oh remember how the drums beat on the high mountain ushering so, so many sons to the glorious foot of the cross, to meet our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

– Larry Gayer
Iron Men Board Member