Less than 10% of churches in the US have a men’s ministry.  Through our
efforts, we not only intend to shift this church trend — but to change it
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We engage men to pursue their purpose, reach their potential, and step into their destiny. We challenge men to engage with God and His Word becoming leaders in their marriages, families, churches vocations and community.
We encourage men through building authentic friendships. Studies show a majority of men have never had a friend. Through encouragement, men are challenged to be courageous and supported by other men who shape and sharpen them. One root word for ENCOURAGE means to “enlarge the heart”, we see this ministry as one that expands men’s hearts!
We equip men with the tools for success and significance. Many men are looking for mentors and examples to watch and learn from. “More is caught than taught”. The lifestyle of a godly and righteous man makes equipping other men an adult learning peer to peer experience. We believe every man wants to succeed but most lack the training and equipping to realize their God-given destiny.


Here are a few videos so you can get a better idea of what IRONMEN is all about!


“A generous person will prosper;
whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”